Free numbered map marker icons

Small markers numbered from 1 to 99

The icons in the 2 sets below can be used for free under the terms of the Creative Commons Attribution licence. In short, that means you can use them for almost any purpose, but a fully functional link to the source (this page, is required, either on the page where you use the icons or in the copyright section of your website.

Click on a set of icons to download a zip file (150KB) with all the icons shown in the set.

Set 1 of numbered map markers Set 1 of numbered map markers

Notes for using the map marker icons

These icons have been created for use on maps with a legend in a sidebar when more than 26 id's are needed. For up to 26 id's you are better off with capital letters (A to Z) on the marker: they need only one character, which allows the markers to be a bit smaller. And each pixel counts if you don't want your whole map to be covered with icons.

The size of our icons is 17 x 19 Pixel. That's much smaller than the common Google icon, so keep in mind to adjust the values for size and positioning of the markers in the JavaScript code for the Google Map API.

Web sites using the icons

Examples of the icons in action can be seen on these web pages: